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Terms and Conditions The plans contained are provided as reference material. They are meant to be interpreted as a complete set of step-by-step plans for building the A-kart or C-kart. If these drawings and or any details contained with in the drawings are used in any way, shape, or form to create this vehicle by a visitor of this site, the builder will be doing so at their own risk with no guarantee, warrant, or health and safety claims implied or given by tully712,T-man,TACC Enterprises.

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All orders are processed within 24 hrs and the plans / schematics are transfered to the email that you provide paypal...the files are in zip format ....start building tomorrow ... or the next day ... or this week end.                       
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T-man's Karts  

View my build log on the A-kart   here

The A - kart was first designed to fold up in half so the engine that I used was a little 2.5. That worked ok for a while but I decided to redo the rear end with a 6.5. By do so the kart would no longer fold up, which was ok I wanted the kart to have more power.
The A-Kart
Named after my little girl Allie
$ 9.99the plans will be sent to your email.
The C-Kart
Named after my little boy Cody
The C-kart is a two seater for kids. By removing the crossbar it could be used for an older kid 9-16
$ 9.99the plans will be sent to your email.
Get both sets for ....$ 16.99.

Free plans for this simple
utility cart.
Three pages.
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