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I got my 40 series 
    Torque Converter
    from Auto Express​​
​Lowest Prices in North America. 
Got My Trailer Parts from here.
The Utility Trailer is done. I have a lot of room for stickers. Click to see a larger picture. If you want to have your Youtube Channel sticker on here then contact Sulfur City Homestead Design on Facebook.
Off road parts , tires, lights

What Really Happens When We Give Kids Everything They Want

                “I want it.
                Because everyone else has it.”
                (Or does it.  Or wears it.)
                It’s a conversation we’ve had countless times in our house. It doesn’t matter what it’s about–the newest technology, the latest fad, the most popular shoes- it’s treacherous ground to add it to our want list so we can be like everyone else.
                These five dangerous words are turning homes upside down. When we give our children everything they want (because everyone else has it), it speeds up their childhood: We have six year olds addicted to technology, carrying around their own ipods and iphones without limitations; eleven year old sons playing bloody battles of Assassin’s Creed over the Internet with strangers instead of playing ball outside; And 13 year old daughters shopping at Victoria’s Secret, wearing angel wings across their bums, looking far older than they are.
                But worse than losing a generation of children, this choice breeds a nasty virus. Because maybe if we keep giving them everything they want, they might just drive a new car intoxicated and kill four people and be diagnosed with affluenza.
                What Really Happens When We Give Kids Everything They Want
                The psychologist testifying for the 16 year old boy who did just that, defined affluenza as this: children who have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, and make excuses for poor behavior because parents have not set proper boundaries.
                And when you write a little post about the warning signs of entitlement and it’s shared nearly 800,000 times, perhaps we’re all a little scared of our kids catching the same bug.
                “I am an RN working on a psych unit, and I see everyday the effects of entitlement. I see adults in their 20′s and 30′s who always had everything they ever wanted given to them while growing up, and now they just don’t get it. They are unemployed, either living with parents or with one friend or relative after another, or on the street. Having been given everything they ever wanted without working for it while growing up, they don’t feel that they should work for anything now. They were raised to think they could do no wrong, but instead of growing up to have high self-esteem, they have grown up unable to function. They cannot take disappointment of any kind. So we have a generation of kids that don’t want to work and can’t function as adults. Because they have no coping skills of any kind to deal with life, they become depressed and often turn to drugs and/or alcohol to feel better. Then, they end up on our unit, depressed, suicidal, and addicted,”.
                Why are we saying yes to our children too early, too soon and pulling in the boundaries? I’m not sure, but I think it starts here:
                We don’t understand the future implications of giving them everything they want right now
                We want them to have the life we didn’t
                We are afraid to tell our children no because we know there will be backlash or because we think they will feel loved if we say yes.
                We want them to fit in with their peers because it’s hard to be different.
                We feel it’s often easier just to give in
                We struggle with a bit of affluenza ourselves
                This excellent article shares the symptoms of this nasty virus:
                To conquer the affluenza virus, though, one must first recognize it within himself and ask why and from where it comes. Ask yourself the following questions:
                Do you frequently buy things you do not really need?
                When shopping, are you unable to control how much you spend?
                Do you envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous?
                Do you feel bad when your neighbors have things you do not?
                Do you measure yourself by what others have?
                Do you ever use shopping as a means of escape?
                Do you use your possessions to impress others?
                Do you compare your possessions with what your peers have? If so, do you experience a feeling of superiority that yours are better?
                Do you speak often about the things you want?
                Do you find yourself complaining about the things you want but cannot afford?
                Do you think of spending your money more often than saving it?
                Do you often think your life would be more complete if you had more money and possessions?
                “Jesus, speaking to the people, he went on, “Take care! Protect yourself against the least bit of greed. Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.” Luke 12:15
                So what’s the cure?
                Maybe it starts with the little word no. We aren’t going to buy, get, do that just because others are. It’s okay to want things, but there’s a big difference in getting something because you love it and getting it because you want to be loved.
                Maybe it starts with deciding why you do what you do. Don’t let the culture lead your family. Because it certainly will. I heard this week the most popular word among teens in 2013 was twerking. Do we really want society guiding our children?
                Maybe it starts with reality–no, not everyone has, does, gets ____ (fill in the blank). We’ve discovered other people who don’t have ____(fill in the blank), but we’ve had to look for them and pray them into our lives. The world will tell you (and your kids) you’re completely alone. But that’s a lie. There are other families swimming upstream against our society and affluenza.
                Maybe it starts with a dab of old fashioned failure (I love what this teacher said below).
                “Some parents don’t wish their kids to fail. I admit I want my children to. I want them to fail, so they can learn how to get back up. I want them to not get every gift they want on their Christmas list, so they can appreciate what they have and work for what they don’t. Lastly I hope all of them get at least one or two teachers they hate. That way they will learn that in the real world, they will have to work with people (and bosses) they may not like,” a teacher who left a comment on this post.
                Maybe it starts with exposing them to how the majority of the world lives. Affluenza is a first world problem. Hunger is a real world problem. Give them an opportunity to serve others.
                Hebrews 13:5 “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
                I really don’t think our kids want the latest technology or the hottest name brand as much as they want something else. Oh, they think they do. And they will beg and plead (and drive us crazy) for it. But deep down, they are hungry for something deeper that satisfies and lasts a lot longer than just stuff. Giving them firm boundaries, perspective is exactly what we can offer them.


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Go Kart Mower Skis Painted
I painted the go kart skis and they turned out really good. The bottom was done with POR 15 black gloss, the rest is regular black gloss spray paint with some accents of yellow and white.
The Earth Is 32.1% Iron and 30.1% Oxygen
When we examine geological Earth facts we find that the Earth is made up of a handful of elements and a sprinkling of trace elements. The Earth is the densest planet of the solar system. Let’s take a look at some fun Earth facts about the elements that make up the Earth.

The Earth is strong! Earth facts tell us that it is 32.1% iron. Surprisingly, oxygen accounts for 30.1%. This is due to the number of oxides that make up the Earth. Silicon, which makes computer chips, makes up 60.2% of the Earth’s crust and 15.1% of the total elements in the Earth.

Magnesium makes up 13.9% of the Earth, sulfur makes up 2.9%, and nickel and calcium both account for over 1.5% of the Earth. Aluminum makes up 1.4% of the Earth and the remaining metals account for only 1.2%.

From these facts, it’s clear why certain elements are valuable. A metal like gold is only a trace element compared to the mass of the Earth. Looking at the distribution of elements in the Earth, Earth facts show that nearly 90% of all iron on Earth is in the core.